Office LED luminaires are energy efficient substitutes of fluorescent luminaires (recessed/surface).
Our luminaires can be either recessed into suspended ceilings of the Armstrong and Grigliato type or surface mounted onto ceilings of various types. As the light source, we use high-efficacy LEDs tested to LM-80. Their reliability is guaranteed by international certificates from independent laboratories. Lifetime of LEDs is tested to be at least 50,000 hours.
Luminaires come with integrated power supply units which is crucial for surface mounting.
Technical specifications:
  • Input voltage – 176÷260V AC/50 Hz
  • Light source – 64 LEDs x 0.5W
  • Power consumption – 32W
  • Luminous flux – 3000lm ± 10%
  • Color temperature – 3000K-5000K
  • Color rendering index – Ra ≥80
  • Operating Temperature Range – ~ -1°C ÷ +50°C
  • Level of protection – IP 30
  • Lifespan (hours) – ~ 50 000
  • Housing – Metal / Plastic
  • Weight (kg) – 3.4
  • Dimensions L/W/H, (mm) – 597x597x56
  • Certificates 
  • Administrative and of ce buildings
  • Supermarkets and sales floors
  • Schools, hospitals, etc.

  • Percent flicker < 5%; no stroboscopic effect and less tiresome for eyes when working with a TV or computer screen
  • Energy consumption is 1.5-2.5 times lower compared to fluorescent luminaires
  • Easy maintenance and no specific requirements for disposal
  • Various types of diffusers to comply with any customer requirements (Honeycomb, Opaque or Opal)

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