GDPR Privacy Policy

Herewith presented Privacy policy is based on the requirements stipulated in the EU Regulation No.2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April, 27th 2016 regarding the individual protection in case of personal data processing and free movement of such data (GDPR).

When you visit and view 4S4 GROUP corporate web site and the relevant contact form, you agree and accept the Conditions of 4S4 GROUP's GDPR Privacy Policy as it indicated below. In case you don't accept presented GDPR conditions, you shouldn't visit 4S4 GROUP web site.
4S4 GROUP keeps the rights to change its GDPR Privacy Policy at any time in accordance with company's priorities and vision as well. 4S4 GROUP has no intention to transfer or sell your personal data to a third party/-ies. Individual information will be stored, protected and properly used for company's purposes only (including better communication with customers as well).
What do personal data mean?

Personal data to be understood as individual information related to identification of a person (or a person under process of identification) such like names /surnames as per identity card, document number, date of birth, residence address, email address/-es, telephone number and e.t.c.

In addition as special category are treated all personal data concerning sex, race, ethnic origin, political and philosophical lusts, religion conviction or any union membership, genetic or biometric data processing for individual identification, personal health research and details, sexual orientation and e.t.c.
Who is responsible for the storage and protection of individual collected data?
4S4 GROUP is the administrator of personal data protected and collected from and some details for communication are as follow: ID number: 175470883, Address and registered headquarter: 1528 Sofia,  2A Poruchik Nedelcho Bonchev Str.
How and what kind of personal data shall be collected?

If you use the contact form in 4S4 GROUP web site, you personally have the choice what kind of information shall be granted and presented by you – your names, email address, telephone number or any others – through the visit message you send. In case of meeting appointment request by email or by telephone, information related to your names, telephone number and some 4S4 GROUP's product or service you keep interest on will be collected. The purpose of collecting and processing your personal data is to provide you with the information you want.
4S4 GROUP does not process information about you concerning the special categories of personal data.

What are your rights?

If you have provided your personal data to 4S4 GRUP, you will have the following options/rights:
  • right to check how actual, accurate and complete the information requested is;
  • right access to your personal data stored and processed from 4S4 GROUP;
  • right to make changes, correction, cancellation or blocking of your individual data;
  • right to make objection against personal data processing at any time when there is a legal and reasonable ground;
  • right to refuse personal data processing in order to receive any requested information, service, marketing communication and e.t.c. 
What would be happened in case you reject to share your personal data?

In case you reject to share your personal data when they are required in terms of company's GDPR Policy, it is likely the information for some products or services you are searching for to be not offered to you.
Automatically information received – Cookies policy for use

When you visit 4S4 GROUP site, we don't collect information who you are in terms of identification. Information recorded in the web site is technical one only through your message generated and it has statistically value data regarding visit traffic and dynamics of the web site. Information collected is anonymous and it could not be related to individuals due to having cookies collection option – small text files stored in the browser of personal unit- computer, laptop, tablet,  mobile telephone – that are no any threat for your PC.
An examples for such kind of different information collected:
  • number (type) of web pages in the site you have visit
  • time to stay on each web page in the site
  • date /hour of your visit
  • second (or consecutive) next visits from new or existing clients
  • browser technical characteristics
  • screen resolution and type of the unit you make your web site visit from
  • country you make your web site visit from
For higher accuracy 4S4 GROUP web site uses approved analytical tools from Google Analytics. In this web processing no any personal date shall be collected through cookies used and 4S4 GROUP could not identify you in details. Therefore, in this case for personal data collection the Regulation for individual data protection should not be applied as it can not be used for commercial or any illegal purposes.  Personal data processing has statistically oriented targets only and it helps us to understand properly how useful 4S4 GROUP web site is and how it professionally correspond to your needs and requirements. On this way we have the opportunity to receive an on-line customer feedback in line with your fast and easy access to the site, most visited pages from you and sectors that keep highest interest on. It motivates us to make 4S4 GROUP site more interesting and comfortable for web visit being mutually involved in improvement process and information update.
Cookies web site activation process is not mandatory in order all 4S4 GROUP web functions to operate properly. If you don't want cookies appearance use when you visit 4S4 GROUP web site, you can deactivate that option by the settings of your browser, but some of the web site functions could stay in non-working mode.  Your should check it through the manufacturer site of your browser. Some of cookies provided by third parties that INCOTEX web site use can be avoided by offset settings from your browser. For others – it is necessary to visit third party sites and to follow the relevant instructions there.

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How to use properly 4S4 GROUP email address?

When you visit 4S4 GROUP web site address neither you send direct email to or you send an inquiry /message through the contact form presented, you agree and accept that we can communicate back with you. We could contact you by your personal email or by telephone (if granted to us) with actual information related to 4S4 GROUP products and services. You can change the preferred way of communication at any convenient time by an email sent on
Where does a claim could be submit?

If you consider that your personal data collected are illegally under processing or your rights described above are violated, you have the option to submit a claim to the competency of the authorized institution – Commission for personal data protection on the following address:
1592 Sofia, 2 Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd., tel. +359 2 915 3580; email:
Validity and update of GDPR Privacy Policy

GDPR Policy may be updated periodically. In this case a special message will be published on 4S4 GROUP web site along with the actual GDPR Policy presented.