Together for better Botevgrad on Easter

"Incotex Group" decided to support the initiative of the Municipality of Botevgrad for a more beautiful Botevgrad on Easter!

The municipality is preparing decorations in the city center - luminous LED figures, wooden and metal elements in the shape of animals, colorful eggs and wicker baskets, as well as events in the city park, designed for the young residents.

The company will be the main sponsor of the municipality for the traditional Orthodox Christian holidays which are one week before Easter: Lazarus Day, Palm Sunday and Easter.

In this difficult times of restrictions and precautions imposed by the coronavirus, at least what we can do is to create a good mood and positive emotions during the bright Christian holidays!

We, at Incotex Group, want to be active in all kinds of charitable initiatives. If giving something to someone would make them happy, we would not hesitate to be empathetic. We will continue to defend the responsible mission to support the city of Botevgrad and its inhabitants both on holidays and on weekdays in the future.