Successful collaboration between "Incotex Group" and "Eldom Invest" Ltd for developing the electronic thermostats

“Incotex Group” has successfully completed the first phase of a project relating to developing a design and fulfilling the processes of production and supply of electronic thermostats for the heating convectors manufactured by Eldom Invest Ltd. Thermostat’s purpose is mainly taking control of the air temperature of the room it is positioned in. А special digital sensor calibrated at a resolution of 0.1 ° C reads and gives information about the temperature.
 On the other hand, the device emphasizes on the safety of the user and his experience while using it. Protective functions are designed in case of unforeseen situations related to improper operation of the convector such as frost protection, the convector falling from a high place and etc.
 From now on, consumers will be able to use their heating convectors much more conveniently and practically through the built-in WiFi module for Internet connectivity, as well as through the "Smart Home" application designed for remote temperature control at their home. Options such as "delayed start", "weekly programmer", "open window" are fully applicable depending on the preferences of the end customer.
 Supply under the second phase of the joint  project are on schedule - according to the delivery plan in 2020. There are already new ideas and preliminary meetings for additional developments of Incotex Group and subsequent projects in the next 2 years.