Official Opening Ceremony of the LED Production Plant

The Bulgarian Minister of economy, energy and tourism Traycho Traykov, together with the President and Vice President of INCOTEX Holding Mr. Yury Sokolov and Mr. Plamen Dochev, officially opened the newest company production facility for light-emitting diode (LED) chips and lamps, situated in the industrial zone “Microelectronica” in Botevgrad, Bulgaria. Like in Germany, INCOTEX own LED chips will make possible the manufacturing of energy efficient LED lamps MADE in BULGARIA.

The opening attended: Mr. Dmitry Sokolov, President of INCOTEX Group, Mr. Krassimir Zhivkov, governor of Sofia region, members of parliament from the region, Mr. Borislav Stefanov, Executive Director InvestBulgaria Agency, Mr. Kolyo Kolev, Executive Director Energy Efficiency Agency, Mr. Igor Illingin, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria, Dr. Frank Schulte, Vice President of AIXTRON Europe, the main equipment provider, business partners from Europe and Africa, Bulgarian partners and members of the Microelectronic industry in the country. 
INCOTEX has restored a somewhat forgotten 30-something year-old Bulgarian tradition in Microelectronics by resuming production of the seemingly small and simple device, the LED chip. The company combines the potential of scientists and engineers with the specific production conditions, high tech equipment and materials of highest purity, thus positioning itself alongside the world’s leaders in science and technology such as Japan, USA, Taiwan and China.
INCOTEX’s Management’s ambition is for the plant to become the first in Europe to fully close the production cycle of LED lamps, which are the most efficient and cost-effective lighting solution for the future.