Implementation of new SMD-assembling line in production in Botevgrad plant.

​In January 2020, INCOTEX BULGARIA put in operation another one high-tech SMD-line for equipment-plate assembling in production factory in Botevgrad. Now the total number of operating SMD-lines there is 3.
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Leader Light Bulgaria carried out a project for replacement of office lighting in "DSK" bank.

In November 2019, Leader Light started first initial deliveries of new office LED-lighting panels in line with a preliminary signed contract with DSK for light equipment replacement.
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LED-lighting project in Ilion, Greece

Leader Light won a state order for delivery of LED-equipment and lighting for the civil needs and requirements in Ilion, Greece.
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Leader Light will present energy-efficient LED lightings at “Smart Cities”

For another year “Leader Light” Ltd. will take part in the exhibition “Smart Cities” – an exhibition for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. This year the exhibition will be held between 7th and 9th of  March at the “Inter Expo Center” in Sofia, Bulgaria. During the event, the company will demonstrate its latest models of
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LEADERLIGHT at ViaExpo 2014

For the second year LEADERLIGHT Bulgaria will participate in the exhibition ViaExpo 2014 at Inter Expo Center, Sofia. The company will present its new catalog of lighting products with wide application and will demonstrate new technological solutions for smart lighting. For detailed information about the event, please click here.
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