Leader Light and MYTILINEOS-ELEMKA will carry out a joint project for equipping Volos Municipality with new LED luminaries

Leader Light won a state order for delivery of LED-equipment and lighting for the civil needs and requirements in Volos Municipality. The project will be carried out jointly with MYTILINEOS-ELEMKA.
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Successful collaboration between "Incotex Group" and "Eldom Invest" Ltd for developing the electronic thermostats

“Incotex Group” has successfully completed the first phase of a project relating to developing a design and fulfilling the processes of production and supply of electronic thermostats for the heating convectors manufactured by Eldom Invest Ltd.
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Leader Light's success regarding the replacement of luminaires in the city ot Ilion, Greece

During the implementation of the state order, won by Leader Light in October 2019 for the supply of 
luminaires for the purpose of replacing street and park lighting in the city of Ilion, Greece, a series of deliveries were made.
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Development and production of Electronic thermoregulator for Eldom Invest

Electronic thermoregulator Incotex is an IoT-designed, projected, produced and delivered device for the production purposes of Eldom Invest Ltd, Varna. It was integrated and fully compliant with the heating convectors manufactured by Eldom Invest.
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Implementation of new SMD-assembling line in production in Botevgrad plant.

​In January 2020, INCOTEX BULGARIA put in operation another one high-tech SMD-line for equipment-plate assembling in production factory in Botevgrad. Now the total number of operating SMD-lines there is 3.
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