New fiscal device - Incotex 777 S

S.D. Design has started developing a new electronic cash register with fiscal memory called Incotex 777S. It is known for its compact design and innovative architecture. In addition to having an ergonomic and elegant design in line with all market requirements, Incotex 777S is an excellent combination of carriageable size and functionality. This allows Incotex 777S to be used both as a mobile device in a dynamic work environment - delivery trade, and as a stationary device for a shop, office or restaurant.
The following interfaces are provided for connection to external devices:
Wireless communication: integrated Wi-Fi modules - Bluetooth and 3G connection.
USB and RS232 interfaces.

Incotex 777S is expected to launch onto the market at the end of 2020.
Тhe electronic cash registers and other fiscal and non-fiscal devices by Incotex Group are developed, manufactured and serviced in the Republic of Bulgaria by the most experienced innovators and specialists in the field of fiscal devices and computer technology.