New LED lighting at Kindergarten in Botevgrad

On the occasion of June 1st – Children’s Day, consortium INCOTEX Group donated and duly replaced the existing lighting in one of Botevgrad’s kindergartens with new energy-efficient LED luminaires.

Ordinary light bulbs were replaced throughout the building and as the director Mrs Dikova and her team of professionals said, the change was remarkable. Sustainability of the building will increase which will become evident in the lower electricity bills. To mark the occasion, the management of the kindergarten organized a small reception attended by the mayor of Botevgrad Georgi Georgiev, the deputy mayors, the vice president of INCOTEX Group Plamen Dochev and representatives of the company, journalists and photographers. For INCOTEX staff, the heartfelt gratitude of the hosts was all the recognition they needed for their efforts. The greatest pleasure, however, was to see the kids’ smiling faces.