Modernization of the production of LED lighting

Within the frame of this project, 2 main and separate production lines are provided for proper implementation:
  • construction processing of a robotic line for the production of LED modules,
  • installation of an automated assembly line with a parallel program of operation.

    The concept is to increase the volume of manufactured products, reduce the costs per unit of manufactured product and significantly shorten the terms for the production of a given order or technical building. In a social aspect, the increase in production capacity and the upcoming modernization will allow the expansion of the company's team in the long term, with the opening of new jobs with different profiles and requirements.

    Based on the upcoming new projects for the production, supply and installation of LED lighting in foreign markets, the installation of additional SMT lines is planned in the near future to ensure market demand and consumer needs. Penetration on the new market will be key factor and it will give new opportunities for highest business delivery of the company.