Leader Light's success regarding the replacement of luminaires in the city ot Ilion, Greece

During the implementation of the state order, won by Leader Light in October 2019 for the supply of 
luminaires for the purpose of replacing street and park lighting in the city of Ilion, Greece, a series of deliveries were made. What is more, the residents of the city of Ilion are also proud owners of a system for intelligent lighting control "LMS software & hardware", fully developed and provided by Leader Light.
The exact number of delivered luminaires is 7558, including street LED luminaires, as well as various park LED lamps, some of which with innovative and modern design, others with classic but at the same time functional one. The list of supplied models is as follows:MAG 3-060-124
  • MAG 3-085-136
  • MAG 3-135-160
  • MAG 4-160-236
  • STREET 56-055
  • BALL 400-60
All the information considering the whole range of products and their characteristics could be found  both in the catalog and on our website.