Leader Light and MYTILINEOS-ELEMKA will carry out a joint project for equipping Volos Municipality with new LED luminaries

Leader Light won a state order for delivery of LED-equipment and lighting for the civil needs and requirements in Volos Municipality. The project will be carried out jointly with MYTILINEOS-ELEMKA.
During the project, the conventional street lights shall be replaced. Not only do they have a short life cycle and erratic luminosity but also they are highly energy consuming.
The new Leader Light luminaries that are going to be integrated use new LED technology to improve and upgrade the municipality’s level of lighting and are in line with the market's requirements. Upon completion of the project, Volos Municipality will offer its citizens greater security and higher cost-effectiveness.
In addition, besides the electricity cost cutting, a significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions shall be achieved, by 8,845.81 tons of CO2 per year.
What is more, during the installation and maintanance period, the vast majority of interventions shall take place in an automated way, without affecting the municipality's daily life.
The project is budgeted at 14,297,339.64€ plus VAT and the works' starting date is scheduled for September 2020.