Internship program

Incotex Group has launched the implementation of an innovative internship program. It is a successful start for ambitious and motivated people who want to realize their accumulated knowledge and skills in their future career development.

The decision of the management is entirely internal and is independent of European funding programs or other similar government projects.

The main idea is to give opportunity to students who are in the last years of their university studies, to achieve practical experience and skills in a real working atmosphere.

Basically, our company invests in its future, because the program opens up perspective for long-term realization and integration of the interns after the expirity of the period. Their work during the internship is paid, which is an incentive, motivation and sense for corporate affiliation among them.

The participants in the program are appointed in different departments of the company, according to the current needs and the developlment plans of the particular deparment. The acquisition of practical knowledge and skills by the trainees is a great success and the benefits for the company will be measured in future realization of educated "own" staff, prepared for the conditions of new professional challenges and different innovative thinking.

Our understanding is that the internship program is a bridge between education and business, between theory and practice, between present and future, and we believe that the benefits for both parties are realistically measurable and indisputable over time.