Initiative "Тo plant a tree together"

Creating a home, planting a tree and raising a child is a mission and part of everyone's aspirations.

Following the ancient wisdom, in the sunny afternoon of 13.05.2022 Incotex Group implemented the planned initiative "Together to plant a tree" in the yard of the office building in Sofia.  Different types of trees have planted on the green ground such as linden, birch, magnolia, katalpa and others.

We believe that on the one hand, we managed to diversify and beautify the yard landscape and, on the other hand, to contribute (albeit modestly) to controlling the negative changes in climate.

We all know that trees are the lungs of the planet and it is a matter of responsibility to have a constant focus on the importance and significance of processes such as tree conservation and planting.

The event turned into a united enthusiasm, good mood and satisfaction from the useful work done.