In support of the "True honey" initiative

„Incotex Bulgaria“ has the pleasure to announce that it has become a partner of the “True Honey” initiative in support of Bulgarian beekeepers.

Bees are one of the most important creatures on our planet for many reasons. They have historical significance, contribute to human health and play a key role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. They have indisputable ecological role manifested on the fact that the pollen brought today can determine the percentage of pollution in different parts of the world.

Being part of the program "Adopt a beehive" “Incotex Bulgaria” has chosen for a beekeepers family from the town of Trastenik, Pleven region, which raises over 150 hives.

We believe that by participating in this socially responsible initiative we really boots the development and sustainable beekeeping in Bulgaria. By financially and empathetically support to our chosen ones, we receive delicious honey every month.