Single phase energy meters


INCOTEX 206 is a multi-functional single-phase electricity meter with accuracy class 1.0, intended to register active and reactive energy and power in two-wire network for AC voltage of 230 V and frequency of 50 Hz .
INCOTEX 206 meters may operate both in stand-alone mode and in the structure of any information measurement system of technical and commercial registration.

Among distinctive features of this meter model is the management of modes indication through the photodiode of optical port and availability of built-in load relay.

INCOTEX 206 is intended for domestic use and for control of loads up to 60A. It has a LCD display that provides the user detailed information about the data for consumed electricity, data for the current network parameters, data for instantaneous power  and more.

Certificate : SK13-045 MI-003
Technical Features
  • Optical port in all models
  • Modifications with additional interface modules : RS485, PLC-I
  • Multifunctional galvanically isolated pulse output
  • Modifications with built-in relay with the commutation current 60A
  • Meter case intrusion registration independently of presence or absence of power line
  • Electronic seal
  • LCD
  • DIN rail mounting

  • Measurement, registration, storage, output to LCD display and transmission through interfaces data as follows: registered active and reactive energy separately under each tariff and by all tariff sum for the periods as follows:
  • total from reset;
  • for the current month and by the beginning of the month;
  • for each of the 12 previous months and by the beginning of each month;
  • Meter tariff rater ensures separate tariff schedule for each day of the week taking into account excluded from registration days under 4 tariffs in 8 time zones of the day. Each month of the year is programmed according to individual tariff schedule. Minimum tariff interval within 24 hours makes 1 min.
  • Formation of power load profile as an array of power for active energy averaged at 30 minute intervals. The depth of file storage is 6 months.
  • Load control and management function by means of built-in or external disconnection relay. If the preset active power or energy limits are exceeded, meter disconnect user by itself or control user external devices for load shed (for example, emergency circuit breaker).
  • Event log (ringed, 64 records per each event) to fix:
  • meter switching on/off time;
  • meter opening/closing time;
  • tariff schedule correction time;
Data displayed on LCD
  • active and reactive electric energy consumption under each tariff (up to 4) and sum by all tariffs with accrued total with accuracy up to hundredth of kW*h or kVar*h;
  • voltage and current - instantaneous values and maximums;
  • mains frequency;
  • current date and time;
  • time between failures;
  • the operating time of the battery;
  • exceeding the limit of power;disconnected relay.

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