Development and production of Electronic thermoregulator for Eldom Invest

Electronic thermoregulator Incotex is an IoT-designed, projected, produced and delivered device for the production purposes of Eldom Invest Ltd, Varna. It was integrated and fully compliant with the heating convectors manufactured by Eldom Invest.
It makes technically control on air temperature in the premises as well as functionally protection in cases of emergency.
The electronic thermoregulator has the following basic components:
- graphic display colored for customer information;
- buttons for local control;
- sound signaling
The temperature is counted and registered by digital sensor calibered with resolution 0.1 C.
Incotex electronic device has additional package of options such as:
- start with delay;
- protection against freezing;
- weekly programmer;
- drop protection;
- function "open window" and e.t.c.
All functions described are under remove control access by integrated Wi-Fi module for internet connection.
By special application uploaded, the control and management on the thermoregulator can be effected by a tablet or mobile telephone as well.