Електромери за предплатена електроенергия


The multifunctional electric energy meter INCOTEX 233 is intended for one- or bidirectional metering of active and reactive electrical energy and power in three-phase  3 or 4-wired AC mains directly  with the possibility of zone tariff metering, longtime storage and transmission of collected information to information collection centers over digital interface wire or wireless communication channels.
INCOTEX 233 has features of a prepaid electricity meter.
INCOTEX 233 records the consumed electricity, performs credit management and internal contactor for switching the load.

IEC 62055-31, IEC 62055-41, IEC 62055-51
Certificate number STS-551
IEC 62053-21, IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-23, IEC 62056-21
Directive 2004/22/EC :   ЕN 50470-1, EN50470-3
EC-type examination certificate number SK 13-046 Ml-003

  • Optical port and RS485
  • GSM/GPRS module - option
  • Built-in relay with  60A commutation current  for each phase
  • Indications for incorrect connection of current circuits (modulus summation)
  • Registration of meter case intrusion regardless of the presence or absence of power line
  • Magnetic field impact registration
  • LCD with backlight
  • OBIS code (by IEC 62056-61) for data identification
  • Load management
  • Time-of-use registration (up to 4 tariffs) 
  • 20 digit STS encryption  according to IEC 62055-41
  • Protection against tampering
  • Log book
  • Capacitive Keypad with audible feedback
  • Adjustable power limit setting
  • Over Power Limit  warning
  • Low credit warning
  • The housing is made of plastic with excellent mechanical (providing sufficient strength and stable attachment of the nodes), thermal (fire resistant) and electrical performance.
  • Customized Windows software for data parameterization and reading.

The connection between the INCOTEX 233 ( MCU) and the Customer Interface Unit (CIU) is a twisted pair cable. The connection is galvanically isolated.  The distance between the two units is up to 200 m.

Model Customer Interface Unit
12-key keypad, key tone and Braille sign
Twisted Cable , interface RS485
Communication Distance
Up to 200m
Power Supply
9 VDC ÷12 VDC (from energy meter)
Consumption Current
10 mA
Three data LEDs
Red – No Credit, Green – Credit, Red –Impulse output
Display with Backlight
Digit height
9 mm
Number of digits to display energy  values
Integer part : 7 digits ;
fractional part : one digit
Operating Environment
Normal operating mode
Storage temperature
Tropical climatic conditions
From   -15°C  to   +55°C
From   -40°C  to   +70°C
average annual relative humidity – up to 90%
Dimensions , mm

Запитване за INCOTEX 233